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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Why Rug Cleaning?

Just like carpet, rugs are magnets for dirt, pet dander, and odors. Fine area and specialty rugs require special care, and Zerorez® does the job right. We understand the origins and construction of high-quality rugs.

Preserve and Protect

Area rugs, including delicate Oriental rugs, can be ruined by traditional, improper cleaning methods. Improper cleaning can damage fibers, bleed colors and leave a messy residue. The Zerorez® cleaning process does not employ harmful chemicals or other toxic cleaning agents. The revolutionary Zerorez® cleaning process is fast, non-toxic even GREEN. Your area rug will look beautiful again! The Zerorez® cleaning process is Platinum Rated by CRI -the Carpet and Rug Institute. Using this unique Zerorez® cleaning process to clean your rugs will:
  • not damage delicate fibers as Zerorez® uses a non-toxic cleaning method.
  • Shorten rug dry time; you'll be able to use your rug just hours after we clean it.
  • Restore color to your rugs
  • Use GREEN technology.

At Your Convenience

We will schedule a date and time to pick up your rugs right from your home. We take them back to our facility for our rug masters to carefully inspect your rug, looking for any spots and stains before cleaning your rug thoroughly with our Zr Clean™. After they are cleaned we will drop them off and place them right back in your home.